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5 cornerstones for effective Internet Marketing and how to overcome Frustration

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Effective Internet Marketing is…

…a skill which can be learned – Full Stop. Being totally honest, Internet Marketing can lead to big frustration when results don’t show up (fast).

I was in the same situation…

…as you might be now. I was watching on the sideline people I met online how they moved on… But what about me? Why was I still stuck at the beginning? What was I doing wrong and especially what was it what the others did, what made them successful and achieving results? Many questions were pilling up and I had to start finding the answers.

When you look out there (on the Internet) then you find so many INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGIES put together (most of them called effective, although they are not) which shall help you to achieve the goals you aim for. But it is the variety on offer which can distract and lead us from one strategy to the next and leave various campaigns uncompleted. What I learned over the years in this profession is that only the ones who are able to master a strategy and put it on autopilot, meaning that it doesn’t stop running when they put the next strategy in place, will harness the great outcome they are planning for.

This now leads us to the planning process.

Starting any Internet Marketing strategy without a plan is like building a house without a foundation. What does it help you building a nice flashy Facebook Fanpage and win lots of fans if you don’t have a blog to lead people to to get signups on your authority location; what does tweeting on a regular basis do to win followers if you don’t target the right audience from which you want to find your future partners and/or buyers? That are just some of the questions which need answers and foremost a BLUEPRINT on paper.



Let us now discuss the 5 cornerstones of effective Internet Marketing I mentioned in the headline.

We will go through a set of must happen decisions which have to be realized (first thing on paper) and then to be implemented into your daily routine. If you skip this process and just blindly putting things in place without a structure then you might end up again in Frustration, not achieving the outcome you desire – that is not effective Internet Marketing.

1. Have a total crisp clear picture what you want to get out of Internet Marketing. Put down a figure per month you want to generate, be it $10, $500 or even $10,000.00… Whatever it is, write it down and keep it your secret. It is your goal and no one else is allowed to talk you down that you won’t make it. Write down as well in which field of Internet Marketing you want to become an expert in. Is it as an Affiliate Marketer, Network Marketer or attracting offline businesses to come online with your assistance. Remember, everything is possible what a mind can conceive (this comes from good old Napoleon Hill).

2. Where are you right now? In which situation are you at the present moment. What skill sets do you have and which ones are missing to become the superstar you want to be? Be very honest and clear with yourself, because the closer you are to the truth the less resistance you will experience along the way when achieving what you want. This will help you as well to identify all available and missing components you need to put in place to become successful. For instance in various Internet Marketing strategies you have to do a lot of things at the same time. Once you identify these actions you put those aside you are good in to do yourself and let the other ones do by others. This is a great start into effective Internet Marketing.

3. A plan for a house is broken down in various detailed plans. A plan for the layout of the walls, a plan for the plumbing, a plan for the electrical installations and even plans for isolation of the house. All those plans lead into the master plan and have to be interactive, work together. The same has to happen as well in your Internet Marketing business. Finding all these shiny new strategies and starting them without putting them all into a master plan doesn’t make sense. Why shall we waste hours on activities when the end results does not correspond with the master plan? So, make it a must to identify where a new found strategy can be fit into your overall master plan, to make you the figure per month you wrote down.

4. Effective Internet Marketing doesn’t allow distraction. Let me refer back to the people I observed in the past, who were able to achieve results. All of them became good in one thing and one thing only at a time. Then it was clear to me, they must have recognized that distraction in building their campaigns and running their business has to be tackled. I even found out that people use an egg-clock to time their activity on Twitter. They give themselves 15min intervals to switch off distractions and work through these 15min in a very highly concentrated state to achieve results and getting things done.

5. Record and focus on your progress. Following your plan and achieving medium set goals in between is everything. Every mile starts with the first step, if you record your progress then you will see that to get to the final destination it’s not a mile anymore. Be happy and thankful for what you have achieved and don’t be saddened by the fact that you are still a while away from your planned monthly income. Now as you are in motion go and find ways to even move faster, but don’t forget to stay on track… LOL. Once you master this step, effective Internet Marketing is what you produce.

Now let us summarize effective Internet Marketing.

You made a decision that you want to be successful online and you chose the profession Internet Marketing. Either you are in the situation that you are already successful and so consciously use these five cornerstones discussed above or you still battle with the fact that your wanted results don’t show up (yet). In case you are in the second situation you have to start figuring out your plan with the knowledge you have at present. Once you are ready to put pen to paper and put strategies in order, you will see what is needed to build your blueprint of success and then make things happen, become effective.

Did it ever happen that you watched ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? When you follow that program then you will recognize that everything happens within 7 days and at the end the struggling chosen family moves into a brand new Home with lots of burdens lifted from their shoulders and a bright future ahead. How did the Makeover team make that happen? As you guessed, they always have a plan established and then take MASSIVE action within these seven days with the help of 100’s of helpers.

Let the Extreme Makover Program inspire you too, that the main thing you need to do right, is to have your Plan realized on paper and then figure out the way to let constant ACTIONS show the results. Effective Internet Marketing is a skill which can be learned.

Thank you for following me to this point and hope you got some nuggets out of this article. To show your appreciation feel free to share this 5 cornerstones of effective Internet Marketing with your friends and followers on the various Social Media Platforms and let us know your thoughs by posting your comment below.

But don’t stop here, make now a decision to boost your dream of becoming a successful Online Marketer by getting in touch with me straight away to help you along the way or at least check out below recomended Blueprint… Have fun!

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Barbara Harnsberger says:

    Alex….thanks for this great post. I am sure every network marketer has had these frustrations. When we begin in this industry we all think it will be massive success right away but we all need to learn the steps to get there. I get frustrated if I work on to many things at once. It is all steps as you have shown us to make it all work out and become successful.
    I am still learning all the skills to become an effective internet marketer and you have shown me ways to make this happen effectively. Your cornerstones to make this work are what we all need to implement in our businesses. As we do the steps necessary to become successful we need to be thankful and continue those steps each and every day to our goals. Your example of Extreme Makeover (which is one of my favorite shows) is a great example of how planning out how to make this all happen can be achieved.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Take Care,

  2. Fiona Calleja says:

    Great post Alex. Keep them coming!

    Have a great day,

    Fiona 🙂

  3. William Earl Amis, Jr. III says:

    this is an amazing simple breakdown. I love bite size examples and presentations.

    I agree, you must map out your plans based on what do you want out of your business. Then after all the due diligence and choice is made on what company you will be working with to establish your home business. Now, make sure they have a training team of supporting people.

    Write that blue print as Alex stated with changes on the way to accomplishing the end result will be made. This is just a rough copy. If you ever made blue prints, this is something that always happens in midstream.

    Alex, you have laid the foundation out that all can follow. Your one of our great coaches in this industry. I look forward in reading your next post.

  4. Liwh says:

    It’s help a lot Alex. I’ve just created my blog and intend to go further with Affiliate Marketing. Will keep in mind these you wrote here and have a more detail plan to follow – and must be focus on that.
    Nice to meet you Alex 🙂

  5. Donna says:

    I loved your advice in this post. You seem to have a great insight as to how to get the ball rolling in making money. I could use you as a mentor. I have you in my list in a traffic exchange. After I post this comment, I will send you a message there. Take care, Donna

  6. Very interesting topics Alexander., the information here is very helpful to all online marketers who would like to take their businesses to a higher level.

  7. anthony says:

    A very well written post mate and i agree with what you said. This has been well informed and broken down has made things a more easier process to understand

  8. Excellent post, Alexander! I had to smile at your statement, “Effective Internet Marketing is a skill which can be learned” – this is exactly what Chris Farrell repeats over and over again. Of course I agree 100%.
    And thanks for the reminder about eliminating distractions – I have to work on that! :-O
    The best of success to you,

  9. Callum says:

    Great article Alexander.

    I agree with pretty much all the points you make… effective internet marketing certainly isn’t an easy thing and takes a while to get right. You’ll definitely be frustrated if you take a ”get hits quick” mentality and forget realism.


  10. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Alexander,

    It always comes down to the same thing…plan…plan…plan. The only way to get clarity is to plan. I like the way you used the foundation of a house as a metaphor as a blueprint to success. It starts with the plan then massive action needs to take place to create what we conceive in our minds.

    You listed 5 cornerstones of effective internet marketing:

    1. Have a total crisp clear picture what you want to get out of Internet Marketing. I think it is a great idea to have your specific goal established without the need to share it with others. It becomes your private challenge and no one can come along and distract or discourage your beliefs.

    2. Where are you right now? It’s important to understand where your starting point is set. It is also important to be honest with yourself and survey your strengths and weaknesses so you can emphasize your strengths.

    3. A plan for a house is broken down in various detailed plans. As the components of a house are broken down into detailed parts, it is clear that ideally it is best to establish a master plan and detail all of its parts. I think our plan in internet marketing, just as a house blueprint, has to be written down to be effective.

    4. Effective Internet Marketing doesn’t allow distraction. This one is very important. New marketers have a real problem with the “shiny object syndrome” and the bombardment of distractions. I think most beginning marketers have to go through the learning curve of getting past all of it and getting to a point of focusing on productive activities. It is so easy to spend wasted hours on Facebook and other platforms which never amount to any monetization.

    5. Record and focus on your progress. Keeping track of your progress keeps you motivated to continue to move forward. By analyzing your progress, you can tweak those areas which are not getting the desired results. You can’t change something if you don’t know there is something to change!


    Raena Lynn

  11. I will surely recommend this link to my colleagues. Your blog proves to be a serious and reliable source of information regarding online marketing, and it deserves to be shared. There is an infinite number of possibilities embedded in the internet and social media but it is impossible to figure them out without the professional help you offer.
    Thank you for your efforts in helping us!
    Wishing you a lot of success, Leonard

  12. Alex Paul says:

    Hi Leonard, thank you very much for coming along and leaving your comment. It is so true… nowadays you are swampt with so much information online and it can often take time to filer through what is worth following and what not… Unfortunately lost time often means lost money too… 😉

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