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Business Planning Process With A Lesson From Evan Almighty

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Business Planning Process linked with Opportunities…

We all have goals we want to achieve in life and business (at least most of us). Drafted step by step plans, linked with certain time frames when and how to do things to achieve our goal(s).

Joan (Lauren Graham) asks “My husband, did you heard of New York’s Noha?”
GOD (Morgan Freeman) answers “Haha… The guy who is building the ARK!”

That’s the start of the conversation of the video I want to share below in this post. It is such an inspiring moment in this funny to watch movie that you will start thinking… “What did I miss all the time when I asked for something?” or “What was the reason why I didn’t ended up at the conclusion of my plan(s)?”

So lets go and watch this short video clip I want to share with you…

So, now you saw the message on which we want to elaborate a little…

Planning your business goal has, next to all the preperations and implementation of activities, a lot to do with opportunities which come along. But are you ready to recognise them when they are presented to you? As Morgan Freeman discribes as GOD here in this clip, it’s not about receiving that we are wishing for. It’s more the process we are busy with, in whatever we are doing, to recognise the signs. Signs of importance to let you take the next hurdle or finding a way around the tall mountain infront of you.

Asking for encouragement to carry on in a situation where a decision is requested from you, requires you to recognise that this is the moment where you need to stand up and do the things necessary, with the knowledge you have right now, and when time allows, to use as well the advise of people who went through similar situations.

So what are the opportunities in your business planning process which can bring you further to the desired outcome? What are the downfalls on your way if you miss to recognise them?

Planning a business can take several stages. From the initial acknowledgeing that you are ready to start building a vehicle to be your own boss till to that point where you are able to write daily invoices for sold products and/or services. Below list is only a snapshot of various activities needed to implement and does not stand for it’s completness:

– * –

– * –

Self-Development / Team-Building:

Recognising what skills you already have and what you lack in order to run the business successfully. This can as well mean to assemble a winning team with all the skills required.

Financial Planning:

Looking at sources of finance, forecasts of cash flow, sales, costs and so on. Here a well written business plan can open as well many doors.

Operational Planning:

Looking at the nitty-gritty of everyday production issues. Implementing a system and laying out all the tools necessary to run the business smoothly is an essential part of this task.


Here we now come to a moment of truth if you are able to let your business take off. It all depends on the who do you need to know and how do you get to know them. This has not to be understand wrongly because we do not want to use people, we are always on the outlook of a win/win situation and the saying “Give and you will Receive” works here in all eternity!


This is next to Networking a very vital segment of your business planning process. Looking at ways in which the marketing of your products and/or services will be carried out is essential. If you are in the home based business industry then the Internet itself can open many doors in this aspect.

Legal Framework:

Don’t underestimate this part of building your business. Ensuring that all the legal requirements of setting up and running your venture are adhered and considered is indispensable. Just look at Robert Kiyosaki’s first venture with the surfer wallet in 1977. By missing out to putting the patent for this wallet under his name he and his partners lost the whole business to an asian company which put the leagal framework in place and gained huge profits for this high in demand product.

– * –

As you now recognise, building your business has many different facets and huge potential for opportunities. Opportunities will come ALWAYS along when you are engaging with activities… Can you imaging opportunities when you have prepared yourself with knowledge in Self-Development? Or in the financial planning process when you networked well enough? Opportunities can just be found around the next corner, the next phonecall or just in asking/learning from a mentor.

The downfall on the other hand is if you concentrate to hard on the activity and the problem you want to overcome then you will miss out to recognise what happens around you. Only the prepared ones will be able to harness the full potential of an opportunity when it reveals itself infront of them, and often only in a very short time span. Seeing as well a problem or an obstacle from different angles will allow you to recognise a door which is just here for you to open it.

– * –

Right now such a door for new opportunities just reveals itself here and now.

If you are in Network Marketing and concentrate on building a solid foundation for your business right from the ground, then following highly recommended book and access to further leading information can be the opportunity you were looking for to fulfil a certain wish to increase your membership base in your business.

Follow this Self Development OPPORTUNITY –>here<--

Hopefully this post gave you an insight of what opportunities can offer you along the way when building your business. Next time when you yearn after a wish to be fulfilled or a burden taken off your shoulders ask for an opportunity to reveal itself infront of you.

Let me know your experience in building your business and which opportunity allowed you to excell further in your activities by leaving a comment below. Feel free as well to share this post with your friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter and other channels you master…

Thank you for having you around.

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50 Responses so far.

  1. Wendy Hewlett says:

    Great message in this short video Alexander. It is only when we open our minds to the opportunities that surround us that we are able to see just how many opportunities present themselves. We can’t act on them if we don’t recognize them.
    You’ve given some great advice with regards to business planning as well. I think that legal aspects of our businesses are often over-looked or we put them off until our budgets will allow for it. Your Robert Kiyosaki example is a great demonstration of what can happen if we don’t make the legal issues a priority.


  2. Alan De Klerk says:

    Thanks Alex, I can relate to your Article and can only comment with ACTUAL experiences I have had. My second car I bought myself was an Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.3 1975 model, to me it was the best little car I’d ever seen and thought that I would be almost the only one driving a car like this– BUT once I had the car and start driving around in it, strangly enough I START to notice actually how meny of the SAME cars are on the road — So what was the problem BEFORE I bought it ? — I didn’t LOOK for them.

    Same can be true of Opportunities which come our way, if we don’t MAKE ourselves AWARE of them we won’t SEE them.

    I really like the video clip you got — God won’t GIVE us courage, He will give us the Opportunity to SHOW courage, it is up to us to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Oportunity that comes our way.

    Thanks for a GREAT post Alex

  3. Mattgeib says:

    Great Post Alexander…..I think opportunities are much like an example I tell folks about a car. You can have the most beautiful car in the world that you love (My choice = a 1955 Chevy Belair:-))….You can ooo & ah all around it, Brag to folks about it, But UNLESS you are willing to get in & STEER & DRIVE it, that car will take you no where. Many treat the opportunities right in front of them just like that car & leave it ‘sitting in the drive’…I always say “You Can Not Steer a Parked Car.”….Opportunity tends to be found & Increase for us when we are willing to ‘Drive the Car’ otherwise if we sit, Opportunity passes us by


  4. Alexander says:

    Hi Alan, didn’t know about your speedy Alfa… hope it was red 😉 The same happened with me when I drove a Volvo V40 and then the whole world drove Volvo V40… Hahaha. Thx for stopping by and sharing your story. Being able to recognise opportunities when they are coming along many would call LUCK. But most people do not understand or do not realise that there were years of preparation up to that moment when the opportunity appeared. So we can wish for the outcome but at the same time be alerted when the opportunity arises to be able to achieve the goal in mind. Sunny and windy greetings down to RSA.

    All the best,


  5. Alexander says:

    Hi Wendy!

    First of all thx for stopping by and hope your week started marvelous. Yeah, being ready for the opportunity requires preperation and an alert mind. By following Robert Kiyosaki and studying his ways of how doing business opened a new understanding for me. Specially in the home business industry where (let me say) 95% of the people either do affiliate marketing or network marketing the legal aspects should be understood and conciously recognised when building the business. It is very hard when you built as a distributor the business for the mother company but at the end you are dropped because you didn’t worked to the fine detail in the contract.

    Looking forward to have you soon around again.

    All the best,


  6. Alexander says:

    Hey Matt,

    What a pleasure to receive such a great comment. I love to drive my Saab 9.3 silver estate and give it a wash from time to time. It’s true, not using an opportunity to get behind the wheel is a lost chance to feel how it’s like. In business, especially here online, each new lead I generate and every contact I make is a new opportunity for me to help someone out and make someone understand more the details our indusry requires to understand. We can ask for more all the time, but we should not forget to watch out for opportunities which require effort to recognise. Thx again for stopping by… And lastly, what was an opportunity in your business you recognised and fully took advantage of?

    All the best,


  7. Ben Sides says:

    Alex, this is great information. These are all the components people need to know in order to build a successful and healthy business. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I especially like the part about networking and getting to the win/win situation.

  8. Irene Kusters Berney says:

    Alex, great blog post, and message well addressed.
    Reading everyone’s comment, I would go back to our next 48 hours after we make the decision for starting or stepping into a new business( our new Opportunity) Hopefully homework has already been done, before committing to a new Opportunity.
    Four Successful tips:
    Be clear about what you want, and write it down on paper. Why’s and Goals.
    Consistently focus upon your Goals and visualize with emotions those things you want to manifest.
    Take Action!
    Become a Manifesting Magnet.

    Reading Alan’s and Matt’s comment, I can relate so very well to their comments.
    Car’s are simply “transport” for me. They bring me from One Place to the Other!
    We have two vehicles at this time parked in the garage.
    One is a truck, and the other a “toy” car from my husband. That car has become a “Space taker” without a Mission. In 5 years it has been out and about ten times on the road.
    Now I know , thanks to Matt Geib how to address this opportunity to my dear husband.

    Matt writes: Many treat the opportunities right in front of them just like that car & leave it ‘sitting in the drive’…I always say “You Can Not Steer a Parked Car.”….Opportunity tends to be found & Increase for us when we are willing to ‘Drive the Car’ otherwise if we sit, Opportunity passes us by. Thank you Matt, and the car my husband has sitting in the garage, is a 500SL European Model convertible Mercedes Benz 1984 Great condition!
    I drive the truck, because it is safer on the road, and it gives me better mileage going from point to point. Remember, I buy a vehicle for my transport. Our truck can pull our RV to. Again, it will bring our home on wheels from one place to the other.

    Opportunities come and go! We either Widen our Horizons/ Widen our Lenses, and are willing to learn the skills to Succeed, or sit on the side line and watch us pass by. Every Road takes our Attention/Focus and willingness to Learn/Drive. We not always have a Blue Print available, and will learn that life’s mistakes can also be unexpected blessings, and capitalizes on them.
    Stirring up a whole different directing Alex, and will end with thank you for getting the best out of us. Pleasure watching you grow into Success! You are a Great Pilot, and I like to be your Passenger.

    Thank you for sharing your post with us,
    Truly Caring for Your Success!

  9. Alexander, thanks for the great clip! I love the idea that we are partnering with our Creator when we create a business. And, like Noah, we have to be open to opportunities and signs that might not always make sense to us. I’ve recently been reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Increase Your Financial IQ, and it’s inspiring to read about the problems we have to commit to wrestling with in order to become the persons of character we need to become in order to lead a business. Thanks for your great article.

  10. Well done Alex – enjoyed the clip and your well thought out message. Planning is so important, but you know sometimes I think we tend to ease our way around the issues that really need the most attention because they involve doing something that we don’t want to do or falls well outside of our comfort zone. A long time ago a mentor of mine gave me a great piece of advice I try from the heart to follow every day – it’s that one thing that you dread doing the most, that has holds the greatest reward for you. I believe he also said, “so stop whining, suck it up and just get to it!”

  11. Ylva says:

    First…I LOVED Evan Almighty lol. And you’ve really captured a great lesson here for all of us. I dare say, you’ve got an ebook outlined here already. Each step here is key and cannot be ignored…even though often times we’d like to just race right past the planning and off to the finish line (sadly, it doesn’t work that way 🙂


  12. Marc Korn says:

    Hi Alex,

    What a great message…thanks for sharing this post.

    I love the way you tied your message to this great clip of a great movie with a very profound message that many people overlook.

    We certainly never know when opportunity is going to knock or who will be presenting the opportunity. But, one thing is for certain and that is if you are not prepared, the opportunity may be gone forever.

    Life definitely favors those who are prepared. If you want to take advantage of opportunities, you must be looking for them and know how to spot them, be willing to accept them and what to do with them when they present themselves.

    For those who practice their self development on a daily basis and understand the importance of giving to others first and putting your needs second… many opportunities will come their way..

    So, definitely recognize the signs and organize your business and your life, plan properly and be ready for your opportunity. It may come when you least expect it.

    To your continued excellence,

  13. Stevie Smith says:

    A really great article, Alexander,

    Speaking from experience, I once neglected the legal element that you so rightly refer to and was left to be “by-passed” (I am trying to stay polite) of an opportunity that went on to be quite successful for the “by-passer” (again I am staying polite). Still it taught me a lesson which has stood well in the ensuing years. If only I had read your article then!

    Thank you for all of us and those who need reminding how important the steps you have traced here are to a successful venture.

    Keep the Smiles,

  14. Alexander says:

    Hi Stieve,

    Thx for your contribution. I can imagine what you are saying between the lines and happy that you see it as a learning experience. Lucky for me I never experienced such a situations and was made aware of when I studied Rober Kiyosaki. I found this B-I-Triangle from Robert Kiyasaki very useful and a see it as a checklist when establishing a business. I look forward to hear soon about the missadvantage you had in the past when I connect personally with yourselfs.

    All the best,


  15. DiSemblance says:

    Hi Alex,
    This is a very informative, well-written piece. I really like the part about there being signs in business for which to look to know if you are ready for the next step. I appreciated the positive comment you left on my blog.

  16. Alex, your a passion man with great visionary skills….

    I agree, we must keep being aware of opportunities. We rush into things without utilizing due diligence and miss the way. It’s when we slow down and meditated on what is important and how to increase our passion to serving others. Then things will appear in a clear way as to no doubt, this must be right for action. Now, is the time to listen to our gut feelings, that tell us yes, this is the right time and place.

    We keep kicking ourselves, when things felt right to get involved with. Yet, we procrastinated, and missed the opportunity. But, you know when one door closes then the right one opens. Just do it. The how is not important. It’s the why that is the key.

    Alex, your presentation is amazing and inspiring. This goes to show all your readers, that serving others and having confidence, will go along way to success, as each determines it to be.

    Hey, true happiness is just right there, waiting for you to open your eyes. The answers will be revealed with patients, which will help you gain a clear prospective.

    I look forward in reading your next fantastic post. Always something to learn…

  17. Andy Nathan says:


    Awesome message here! It is amazing how different my business is today from the day I started it, because of all of the opportunities that I followed. I can see the benefits and drawbacks of each opportunity that I took and did not in reflection. However, in the moment it was the few that just caught my eye and I grabbed hold of them. I have one such opportunity that I am working on right now that just said do this. It was not what I envisioned when I started my company, but it will definitely make my business that much better.


  18. Hey Alex,

    Love that video and your post. Recognizing an opportunity when it presents itself is the first step towards getting closer to your goal. Sometimes things are staring us right in the face and we don’t “see” them either because we are not ready to see them, are fearful of taking that next step, or even because we are not paying attention. I have to admit that I am slightly behind on that “Legal” step – time to call my friend Alan – the attorney – and get rolling on that one 🙂

  19. Marcus Baker says:

    Hey Alex,

    Loved this post!

    It is such a powerful reminder to us that when we ask for something we must find ways of being open to recognizing when our requests are being answered. As Morgan Freeman so clearly explains, these don’t always come in the ways we expect.

    To do this one has to be quiet and alert and and not have a cluttered mind. Then we are able to see , hear and feel more fully so that we can act more effectively.

    Excellent post my friend. Thank you.


  20. Jim Talbott says:

    Hey Alex ~ Nice post.
    When I started my main business some 12 years ago while somewhat impatient and a little resistant to the idea of a business plan I did put one together and am so glad I did. Just the sheer fact of writing down the plan and/or my goals has helped to open so many other doors and present a myriad of opportunities which has helped the business to grow and prosper.

    You have some sound advice here for the beginning entrepreneur.


  21. Alexander says:

    You are most welcome and thank you for sharing your experience. I love how we gather experiences on this blogpost… This is from where people can draw strength and advise. Look forward to have you around soon again. By the way, which business did you started 12 years ago?

  22. Mario Piso says:

    Hi, Alexander,
    What a good video with a lot to think about. Yes that is what we all try to do “think” . Life has more than an easy way . Many people have a burden of faillure or prograstination or fear and don’t know how to deal with it. You can read a lot about these issues, but to act and solve the problem is the biggest question?? Start looking at your self and act to delete negative behaviour, focus on what you want to achive in life and start walking the road to recovery.
    Thanks for sharing, my day is already good when I focus on my WHY’s and goals.

  23. Joyce Penner says:

    Alexander, sharing that short video was powerful. As I read through the rest of your post, I couldn’t help but apply the concept of God not giving you …. but providing the opportunities for ….

    Great post.

  24. I love the video clip…and I love that movie too 🙂
    We have to be open to opportunities and ideas that surround us and be receptive of them. Great post and really got me thinking and reflecting. 🙂

  25. Alex,
    Great post I was looking at your list of requirements and was thinking to myself this is why I love network marketing so much. Sure we have to focus on these things but not to the degree a traditional brick and mortar would and not at the high level cost they would assume. Having said that yes I think life, God gives us the opportunities we need to develop and move forward if we recognize that we should always be evolving and need different skills or attitudes at different times in our life. I guess in short if we always self aware we won’t miss those opportunities.


  26. Really enjoyed the message you shared Alexander ~ Opportunities are ALWAYS to be found…you just have to be in the right frame of mind and open to finding them. It wasn’t until I had overcome a few personal challenges that I realized that it empowered, and I was able to handle so much more going forward (found inner strength and confidence) by things not necessarily being made easy for me. And, the fact that I was open to looking at other, perhaps new or different ways of finding a solution. I still take this same point of view not only in my business yet also in my personal life. Appreciate you having shared this post 🙂

  27. Hi Alexander,

    Great post! I really like the video clip too.
    Your message is very important here. Most of us are always asking ” I want that, what do I need to do in order to get it?” and taking action is a very important step, but sometimes just being aware is the best practice. Once you are aware of how things really work and what your real purpose is, then the course of action you should take will smack you upside the head!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Talk soon,

  28. TK Goforth says:

    Thanks for this post, Alex! I loved that movie! Isn’t it true that opportunities are in front of us all the time? Sometimes we are looking so hard that we miss the obvious. As you said, that goes for our business, and our lives in general. And, I love that God is in this (because I love him…) and his goodness always is seen everywhere we look, even though we don’t see the obvious and often choose to look at the negative. So many wonderful blessings, opportunities, and the ability to further our businesses, personal relationships, and relationship with him. Cool!

  29. Perry A Davis Jr says:

    Hello Alexander,

    I agree it’s not about receiving that which we are wishing for, it is in the process in whatever we are doing to recognize the signs. Ben Sweetland said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” We are all given a unique purpose and many miss this purpose because we are not recognizing the signs. The video clip with Morgan Freeman is an excellent way to describe the opportunities in business planning process.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  30. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for a great article on business planning process. It is funny how so many posts latched on to the “car recognition syndrome.” It is true that what we think about manifests itself. When I purchased my white Toyota Sienna in 2001 it was a time when mini-vans were starting to take off in the market. I chose the Sienna because it didn’t seem like anyone else had one! I was wrong. All of a sudden, I notice white Toyota Sienna’s everywhere! Opportunities follow the same rules. They show up when you are aware and looking.

    I am an entrepreneur. I looked up the definition and it is, “A person who organized and manages an enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” When an entrepreneur or marketer is starting out as a newbie, what generally happens is there must be a learning curve. So in the beginning the newbie may feel one or most of these characteristics not limited to: confusion, has few skills, frustration, and spends money seeking the answer to creating a successful business.

    As the learning curve subsides, the next level includes more clarity, progress, and money is invested and carries intention to good. This is the point where we begin to recognize opportunity, like recognizing replications of a car we purchase. This is the time the big picture unfolds and we are able to recognize whether an opportunity is a waste of money or a real investment.

    I want to highlight something that Andy Nathan said. “I can see the benefits and drawbacks of each opportunity that I took and did not in reflection.” Those opportunities that blossomed were probably the ones that he chose during the second level of building his business. Andy is a very successful example of an entrepreneur. He reached that level because he developed the sense to recognize when to grab an opportunity because he had an innate sense that it would be one that would enhance his business.

    Thanks for this article Alexander. As usual, another great post and video clip! Morgan Freeman is a great actor:) God gives us opportunity!

    Raena Lynn

  31. Powerful message Alexander, one that definitely hits home. 🙂
    Success only comes from hard work and a solid plan of action.

    You hit this one out of the park, I look forward to your next post.


  32. Alexander says:

    Thx John for sharing your few on this subject. A solid plan of action always causes opportunities… What’s your current plan of action(s)? Look forward to seeing you around for future posts! Alex

  33. Alexander says:

    Hey Raena,

    That comment alone is already a blogpost… LOL!

    Thx for sharing a little about Andy Nathan, with whom I connected and talked to already too. He is definitely a great example in how he approaches his business and we all can learn from him. Especially to understand how to use certain tools available to us marketers opens a wider window of opportunities instead of being narrow minded and being to busy with the task alone.
    I loved your story about the car and had to look up for it to make me a picture. So here is a picture for all the ones who would like to see it…
    Let us carry on to watch out for the opportunity around the next corner… hehehe.

    Thx, Alex

  34. Alexander says:

    Hi Perry… many years ago the quote from Ben Sweetland, you mention here, didn’t made sense to me, but when I started to study more about Robert Kiyosaki then I got this message. As it unfolded it’s the skills you develop in the process makes it possible that you can create the outcome ANYTIME over and over again… So a loss or drawback can be made up even faster because you learned something out of it and will avaoid in the future. Thx again for this great input and look forward to be around your blog soon… Alex

  35. Alexander says:

    Thx for your input… Yeah God/the higher power makes everything possible. All the best, Alex

  36. What’s my plan of action?
    That’s easy Alex, I focus on CONSISTENTLY connecting with 5 to 10 new people every day and build a long term relationship. That’s the secret to my success 🙂

    What about you?

  37. Paul Reimers says:

    Thanks for sharing this,

    I saw this movie and agree that the part about being given opportunities to develop rather than just end results was one of my favorite parts too. It’s easy to get busy chasing after stuff and not realize that it’s who we become in the process of the doing that really matters.

    It’s what we can actually take with us!

  38. Glyna Humm says:

    Alexander – Great post here. I love that movie because it was humorous but also gave many lief lessons in it as well. We can use the same philosophies when planning to make our business a success. AFter all we can only be presented with opportunity – what we do with that opportunity is up to us. Thanks

  39. Loren Greig says:

    Hi Alex! Great post and I loved the video clip with it’s reminder that we must be present to act on the opportunities that are presented to us. Often I’ve found when obstacles stand in my way or when fear tries to take hold, when I turn those challenges around and face them head on, they are powerful opportunities that create momentum and positive changes in my business that may not have happened otherwise. Thank you for the thought provoking post! Loren

  40. Hazel-Ann La Fortune says:

    This movie… What can i say. AMAZING!! When you watch this movie it takes you through phases. In the beginning when he gets the powers you are like “Ooo, life is getting good” then you go to “Wow, Its hard for God” ending with “God, I’m just thankful with what I have”

    Great movie and Great post

  41. Ross Joyner says:

    Hey Alex, Very well written and thought out post. The Video set your post up very well. You are an amazing writer. A good business plan is always the rock of a great business.

  42. Great message Alex. I remember that clip from the movie. So simple but yet so profound because that’s just it, those opportunities in life seldom appear how we envision so we have to be open otherwise we’ll miss ’em. I love your list of stages and it just shows how much personal development and growth goes on as a entrepreneur – and this is why collaboration (team work) is so important because we all have our strengths and weaknesses so together we can do so much more!

  43. Alexander says:

    Hey Ross! Thank you for you comment. It was fun creating this post and put it in words to educate. Love your work also!

  44. Alexander says:

    Well recognised and love the last bit of your comment: “togeter we can do so much more!” Individuals with strength need to come together and the leader of the group recognises these strength and puts them together to work as a whole… much stronger then it would be through single efforts. Again, great to have you on The Team!

  45. Beth Allen says:

    You are absolutely right, building a strong and stable foundation has to come first ~ so often people just aimlessly are off and running, and sure, might gain some momentum, only to have it crumble beneath them because they skipped the fundamentals. Taking time to develop a plan for your business, the way you spend your time, spend your money, and spend your energy….all so important. Knowing who you are and where you’re headed takes some careful consideration! 🙂

    Once you’re clear, again, a plan for marketing and making the connections that can move your business one step forward are critical. But most of all, through it all, we must be open and aware. Thanks for a great post, Alexander!

  46. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hey Alexander,

    I love this film and I was thinking about using an extract from it the other day for my own blog. You have reminded me to still do that.

    I love your use of it in this blog post. In planning our businesses, we should also be mindful of what we are really wanting to achieve. I mean not just making money…but the lessons learnt in the process of achieving that goal.

    I also took another perspective from this film and that is to trust in your own abilities even when you are unsure, even when it doesn’t feel entirely right, even when you have those who will go against everything you are doing.

    Sometimes it is more important to take a leap of faith and see what opportunities are brought our way.

    God Bless,
    Beth 🙂

  47. Linda Thomas says:

    Hi Paul,
    Your post is great. It is a great reminder of how God works. I will remember this “opportunity” granting as it could work miracles in all aspects of life! I have been granted so many opportunities that either I did not recognize or for some reason did not pursue them. When we are ready, we will receive, so I am ready to be thinking about all of the awesome opportunities that I am grateful for.
    We are blessed, Linda

  48. Sigal Zoldan says:

    Thanks for another great post Paul.
    Opportunities – they are all over the place, aren’t they?
    One may believe or think that GOD told them to, another may say, it was an inner knowing, whatever it was I’ve learned that the key is to ACT ON THOSE PROMPTINGS!!

    I read the other comments and like everyone could find a story.
    I just had an opportunity that came into my life, as I was deliberately inviting it. At the beginning I didn’t recognize it as one, but a few days after I encountered it, it became clearer and clearer that I need to act.

    Will visit again soon.
    Much love, light and joy,
    Sigal Zoldan
    Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Results Coach


  49. Hi Alex,
    Since so many of your comment paraised the movie clip I was going to avoid doing it…but how can I leave a comment without mentioning the clip…it was awesome.
    It brings to mind something I was told a while back…we need to grow into the level of success we desire…. the movie illustrated it beautifully.
    God in his wisdom will not let us get out of our depth without a reason.
    Also liked your steps for business … very important to ensure we have long term success.

    Great post.


  50. This is a very inspiring article.

    Let me quote my favorite line on your article, “only the prepared ones will be able to harness the fullpotential of an opportunity when it reveals itself in front of them”

    Let this be a challenge to everyone, be prepared so you won’t be left behind.

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