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How to Create a Movement – A Simple Lesson About Leadership!

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So, you decided to make it happen online.

You have your Internet connection, you have a website/product/opportunity – in short, you made the decision to run a business from home.

Well done! That’s the first step towards a future which you now can design yourself. A possibility for you to make plans based on your goals and dreams and a way to express your life the way You want.

But now what?

As a person who comes out of the 9-5 rat race (the mindset of an employee) we are now faced with total different challenges. As an employee you have a given procedure to follow, you are trained to follow the protocol to generate the outcome the employer signed you up for and you are willing to earn your income from.

To run a business as the head of the organisation, even if it is only a one man/woman show at the beginning, you have now to apply a total different skill set and one of it is to develop into a leadership role.

Before we go deeper…

…into the topic of this post, let’s go and have some fun watching below video… Listen what the narrator is commenting at every step as this video unfolds…

(This video was suggested to me by Arcelis Miranda)

Now what do you think? Are you ready to take up the challenge and start implementing what was shown?



OK, let us recap and put down the steps discussed.

-) Leader needs guts to stand alone and look ridiculous

Well, you don’t need to look ridiculous, but you have to stand alone! Every leader in history and in today’s time was and is driven by a cause which often leaves him/her to stand outside of the crowd. Think about yourself? Are you a person who can stand up for your own opinion or do you follow others opinion? If you started your own business you are now standing outside of the crowd and have a voice of your own… Start to develop Your voice!

-) Leader gets his first follower

Now, after you developed Your voice (a voice easy to follow), in online business terms meaning having created a place where to publish your cause/idea/product/service and established your distribution channel(s), you are ready to attract your first follower. You will see, if you ‘dance’ long enough in public and present enough value for the first follower to take his/her guts to join in with you, you WILL attract a likeminded person. Just look around you how many movements in your lifetime you have already experienced locally and worldwide and it all started with the first follower who was on the same wavelength with the presented idea… ‘Dance’ long enough with Value!

-) Follower calls his friends to join in

Now you are two (a group) who sending out a message to an audience, you both share the same values and ideas which has the power to motivate others. Now it’s no more on you to convince people about the cause. Now you have the benefit of testimonial, edification and diving into networks. Here it is now important to direct the ship and carry on to stay on course and be an example, so that the next people start to understand the cause. But recognise slowly but surely the following will become more and more powerful… Motivate your followers!

-) Everyone needs to see followers

Now comes a critical moment. Here at this stage as a leader you need to find a way to publish what you have achieved so far and make other people, through your established channel(s), aware what is happening – spreading the NEWS. In the online world nowadays this is a very easy task to exercise. Just think on the big social media websites, the various plugins you can establish on your website and a comment section on your content. Make it a regular task to interact with your following and broadcast the noise that is developing around you with your cause/idea as the guideline… Broadcast your following!

-) The crowd is motivated – a Movement is about to happen

Now with more and more like-minded people getting the news what is happening in front of them they do not want to miss out to become part of the ‘fun’/idea/cause or to understand through your leadership and solution how to ease a certain pain. Now this will become a very precious moment for you, because all your hard work as a leader will start to pay off, not 1:1… it will be 1:multiple times and when the Movement is big and long enough you probably can’t imagine the rewards of this multiple number. Just look around you how many 100+ years old companies are existing and attract even younger generations, who weren’t even born once the Movement started… Start watching Your Movement and Direct it!

Well, here you go…

Are you ready to leave the 9-5 rat race and take up the challenge to develop leadership skills for a brighter and prosperous future? It all starts with attracting the first follower and nurturing this relationship. His/her following will turn you automatically into a leader and puts you into a position to start a movement. So it’s up to you to develop a strong enough idea/cause/product/service which keeps you motivated to ‘dance’ long enough (as a leader) and to attract enough people together with your followers… Start building Your Business through Attraction ***TODAY*** here…


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Thank you for having you around.

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58 Responses so far.

  1. Raena Lynn says:

    Oh my Alexander! You outdid yourself on this one:)
    This video,” Leadership Lessons from The Dancing Guy” and your analysis of it is a fantastic and an interesting way human leadership works….funny too! It shows on a small scale how attraction marketing works and it gives all of us comfort that we ALL don’t have to be leaders. I’ve been taught “You have to be a leader in order to be successful.” That’s a lot of pressure if it isn’t in your nature. As he says, the “shirtless dancer guy” is the leader, but over glorified. The first follower is unappreciated but the courageous one and transforms a lone nut into a leader. If the leader is the flint, than the first follower is the spark that really makes the fire! Brilliant!

    The five main points to start a movement (in less than 3 minutes-crazy!) are:
    Start to develop Your voice!
    Dance’ long enough with Value!
    Motivate your followers!
    Broadcast your following!
    Start watching Your Movement and Direct it!

    I’m not a version of the shirtless dancing guy, but I am the first follower…there is no movement without the first follower. Thanks for sharing this Alexander. It gives me a lot to think about as I build my team:)

    PS I’m proud to sign up for your Twitter Machine give away. Are you the dancing shirtless guy in disguise?? Looky, I was the first to comment about this post:)

  2. Irene Kusters Berney says:

    Hello Alexander,

    Love the way you combined the power of encouragement, motivation, and success, and each of us will take our lesson from your writing. Well done!
    Thank you for sharing, and as I have mentioned before, I feel blessed and grateful in my life today, …. by meeting and working with Leaders like you.
    Keep the great intent of helping others, and remember I am one of your passengers on your flight to success. Enjoy the Road to Success,

  3. Ric Oeastreich says:

    Great info.

  4. Alexander says:

    Thank You!

  5. Rick Lelchuk says:


    That video inspires each time I see it. An amazing lesson, so very apropos for the network marketing industry, the Internet industry, in reality, any business upon which you embark.

    Quick question, are you in fact a private pilot? It’s been a while for me.


  6. Alexander says:

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks for coming along and sharing your view on that video.
    It’s so simple once understood how and what needs to be accomplished to become successful…

    Unfortunately currently I’m not holding my PPL. I started off to fulfill my dream of flying back in 1996 and held the licence till 2002.
    One of my goals is to get soon back into the cockpit and carry on where I have left off.
    On the ‘About Me’ page you see the type of aircraft I flew and got the bug of flying mainly through the army.
    Lets discuss soon our experiences…

    All the best,


  7. Alexander says:

    Thank You, Wilma! And it is such a pleasure to have you here…

    The first time when I saw it is was great fun to see what happens, because I can remebr an event many years ago in Germany where I started a MOVEMENT as well in this manner… (hehehe , but I’m a much better dancer). To see this video and start learning from it is a very clever thing to do and don’t forget to share it so that others have the benefit too.

    I look forward to see you around for the next posts!

    Have a great week ahead, Alex

  8. Marc Korn says:

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your great post and one of the best videos to show people and have them understand the basic genesis of Leadership.

    Great job breaking down this video and the critical elements of leadership.
    I never get tired of that video.

    When we break it down to the basics…leadership is an individual achieving results through people and this video shows that brilliantly.

    It is also important that it was noted that the first follower is indeed a Leader. Once the movement is started and the team is developed and motivated, it is now up to the Leader to cultivate and develop other Leaders on his or her team.

    Just remember, your actions will speak louder than anything you can say.
    In order to gain the respect of others, strive to lead by example in every area of your life.

    I really enjoyed this post…keep up the great work and leadership !!

    To your massive success,

  9. Andy Nathan says:


    As always this is a great post! I saw that video a few months ago, and was just mouth opening dumb struck at how awesome he was at attracting people to dance with him, just because he had the courage to keep dancing alone. Thanks for reminding us that we dance alone long enough and there will be throngs waiting to join us!


  10. Hi Alexander,
    Wow!What a great post!Congratulations my friend for the great video and words. Yes,we have to be courageous and do what is necessary even others laugh at you.And this is how others will start to follow.It is like an avalanche !Once started ,it gets bigger and bigger!This is not available only for network marketing but life itself.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff!

    All the best,

  11. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Alexander,

    I loved this post!

    I’ve not seen that video (awesome by the way) and you did a fantastic job aligning the video’s message with being an online business owner.

    It is certainly not the journey for an “ego-head” as the video shows so well.


  12. Linda Thomas says:

    Hi Alexander,
    I always love Leadership stories, and this one is AWESOME!!!!
    You are an excellent writer with a gift to communicate your message.
    I have been in a situation the past 4 months whereby I have had to “fit in” in order to “help out,” so I often had to take the leadership role, but masked it, or gave appreciation to the difficult, controlling person; and in a process, we have created a sharing of the Leadership/Follower roles that is harmonious and fun. And the third party as well as others are benefactors — Win/Win/Win!
    Looking forward to your next post, Alexander!

  13. Alexander says:

    Thx Marc, it was such fun to create this post and from time to time I had to smile away because this video is so funny! LOL. As many of us learn visual I thought this video to combine into a lesson would be that thing… Great that you enjoyed it and I’m sure as much as I did!

  14. Alexander says:

    I saw the video myself almost a year ago the first time and it was such a pleasure when a friend of mine just pointed me to it again… Glad I get you to dance and as long enough as it takes… Enjoy your week still. Alex

  15. Alexander says:

    You are right! Not only for business… One example can be as a parent how to motivate your kids or at church how to motivate the congrigation… give them something to hang on and they will follow… Thx again for popping in Radu!

  16. Alexander says:

    Welcome Bob! I’m happy that I touched your taste as well. It’s said funny things let people talk about and the best to combine it with a lesson the quicker it will go around. See you soon again here…

  17. Alexander says:

    Well said Marcus… We don’t want “Ego-Heads” as leaders because when they have to climbe a mountain then they have to go at the back because they have to push their troop… We on the otherside want to go upfront and love people following us and watching how we do things and then they will start to support us!!!

  18. Alexander says:

    Please, please record a video… Would love to see you dance 😉 You are dead right… never give up when you believe in a cause, with time you will attract the people who will support you. Thx TK for popping in and speak your mind!

  19. Alexander says:

    Thank you Linda, and I feel humble by all these compliments. In my opinion it’s all about courage and speaking and raising his/her voice to be heard. Thank you as well letting us know about your experience and how it can benefit everyone… Looking forward to see you soon again. Alex

  20. Great article. I’ve seen that video before and it makes a great point! I would like to add one more thing to your list; leaders need to be willing to let some people go. Anyone who’s a fan of legendary Jim Rohn has heard him talk about the importance of just not wasting time trying questioning why some people just don’t “stick.” I spent nearly a decade in direct sales and I saw so many people take it personally when someone they recruited didn’t work out. It really all comes down to the 80/20 rule and understanding where to invest your time. Thanks!

  21. Alexander says:

    Thank you very much Marquita for the addition, well received. Myself I made this experience as well and it is natural… people loose or shift focus. At GFB we welcome people with a desire and a burning WHY, but it is the individuums task to keep the fire burning. All what we can do is handing over the wood (the tools) to make dreams reality. Thx for sharing your experience and for your time going through the post. Have a great time! Alex

  22. Sigal Zoldan says:

    Alexander, what a great post. It was fun for me to see how you take a serious topic and make it fun right here on your blog. The movie clearly shows how a movement is created. Something else that I noticed is that the people that are following and joining actually resonate with what’s going on. Those that keep on sitting, are not wrong, it juts that they either do not feel compelled to join or they have something that is blocking them in taking action. So in fact, you can’t make anyone do anything that don’t wish to do, or too stuck to do. You can just show them how fun/great it is for you…maybe (or maybe not) something will move inside of them to…move 🙂

    I’ll be visiting soon.

    Sigal Zoldan
    Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Results Coach

    Still Single? http://AttractYourTrueLove.com

  23. Mandy Swift says:

    Hi Alexander, as a previous Personal trainer, I sure appreciate your skill-set: Online Pilot, Dancing afficionado, Leader extraordinaire!
    You are right, leaders come in many shapes, sizes and guises, but all posssess the ability to inspire and they touch the souls of the people they inspire because of their ability to relate.
    Great post!

  24. David Paul says:

    Hi Alexander,

    I’ve got just one this to say, and that is… Freakn’ Brilliant 🙂

    Take Care,

    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  25. Alexander says:

    Thank you, Sigal! It was even fun to create it. I agree with you about the resonation, it’s a physical principle and 100% applicable to such situations. I remember have seen some pics where even marching troups which went over a bridge made the bridge swing because they were in sync… Amazing. Thx again for this addition. Alex

  26. Alexander says:

    Thx for mentioning my skill set… I wish I could do them full time… hahaha.

  27. Alexander says:

    Thx Paul for leaving your comment! All the best, Alex

  28. Ben Sides says:

    Alex, this is great. It just proves that “leader of one, leader of many. Can’t lead one can’t lead any. A leader leads from the front.;

  29. Leslie Watson Leake says:

    One crazy guy gets the whole village to shake off conventional , traditional behavior and get in touch with their inner selves without inhibitions, reaching for your dreams! Great video Alex! What a great way to show your thoughts in pictures! Your such a leader, keep them coming~!

  30. What a great post! I’ve seen this video before, but of course, not connected with internet marketing. For our situation, I love how you related it to online business. It sure enough does seem that we’re the lone nut out here doing our own thing — at least I’m the only one I know in my circle of friends. I’m so ready for that first follower! But the special message to me is “Dance long enough with value!!” Thanks for presenting this!

  31. This is a fabulous post Alexander! I absolutely love it! That video is awesome and teaches very well the importance of leadership and creating a movement with momentum. It is really interesting that something so simple can be likened to this industry and really pulls the idea into perspective. I shared this video on facebook, I know so many others can benefit from this also. Thanks so much for this GREAT blog post. 🙂

  32. Sue Collier says:

    Hey Alexander,

    Haha, loved the video and loved the message too – just going off to do some crazy dancing, lol. Thanks for injecting some fun into an important subject!

    Great Post.


  33. Alexander

    Thanks for the great post. I attended a magic lecture last night. One of things that was talked about was how to get a standing ovation. You get it started with just a few people and the rest follow! What a great lesson. I’m a visual type person so the video really helped get to the point.

    Have a Great Day

  34. Mattgeib says:

    Great article Alex!
    . I enjoyed the Lessons & points you drew out of it.
    I have seen this video a couple of times already. Yes one must be strong & determined to make it in this industry. It does take time+ Patience.

    Take Care my Friend
    Matt Geib The Great

  35. Perry A Davis Jr says:

    The video reminds me when I was in college (many years ago) hearing a psychology teacher say one can stand in a crowd and begin to point to the sky and soon people will be doing the same. Hearing these instructions some of us went downtown Nashville and tried what he said and it worked. What a great video that demonstrates the power of one. Your recap of the video contains the principles that one needs to follow in this business. Reading and thinking about your five steps reminds me of this statement “Techniques are many, Principles are few, Techniques will vary, Principles never do. You have outlined the principles to create a movement.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  36. Great post, Alexander! You are so right about the importance of standing alone in order to be a leader. However, it is vital to get that first person to join the movement. After all, I think it was Jim Rohn who said it, but I can’t remember for sure, but if you don’t have anyone following you, you might think you’re leading, but all you’re really doing is walking.

  37. Lesly Federici says:

    What an AWESOME post! Did you make that video? That is EXACTLY what leadership is. It’s never about you. It’s about showing the way for others and what a great thing to be able to do more freely. I am starting a movement with my childbirth education so it’s exciting to see how it progresses. I have your video implanted in my brain. Great post 🙂 And wonderful to meet you on TSA! Also, I like your tag line “Your Private Pilot to Online Success”.

  38. Yasser Khan says:

    Hi Alexander,

    Wow! I’ve got say your post sure gives out VALUE big time!

    It definitely takes someone with guts to go against the ingrained psyche and get them to follow you.
    I’ve seen the video and thought the lone dude as being totally bonkers at first, then came along your insightful post!


  39. Maggie Lancy says:

    Great post and video.
    You need to make a start, in your life and business.
    You will get better and better as time goes on and become a leader.
    You just need to be patient and go through personal development.
    Thanks for sharing.

  40. This is so good!The tips you listed are so true but you speaking on this video is awesome.A great way to discuss leadership and training. But it is true that the followers are the best ones to listen to.I loved this Paul.Very creative on your part.

  41. Alexander says:

    Hey Ben, thx for your input and it’s true… Leading from the front is being an example to others and showing them the way! Love your teaching in this field as well and your Basball Recruiting!!!

  42. Alexander says:

    Thank you Leslie, it’s a great video which made me laugh very much when I saw it the first time… Like your expression: shake off conventional.

  43. Alexander says:

    Yes, dancing long enough is the secret to make things happen. I’m sure you are no more alone doing your online adventures. By now you must have made many like-minded friends and me being one of them… All the best, Alex

  44. Alexander says:

    You are welcome LeeAnn and thx for sharing it with your following. Let me know what’s your dance for leadership…!!! Great having you over her on my blog! Alex

  45. Alexander says:

    It was my pleasure to share this video and elaborate more on it. Let me know your moves… LOL

  46. Alexander says:

    Great you talking about standing ovation. Just the other day I watched a bit of the show “UK has Talent” (I’m sure you know this kind of show – which got worldwide over the years), where ordinary people have the posibility to show their skills. There on the stage was a little 12 yr old boy ready to perform his first song life infront of a big audience. For his talent (voice) he got such a standing ovation that even the judges predicted big things for his future. The boy was moved to tears… What was standing out there for me was the bravery to go out and do what you believe in and make it happen. I’m happy you enjoyed this lesson. Alex

  47. Alexander says:

    Thx Matt, it’s a pleasure having you over here… Nice input. Alex

  48. Alexander says:

    Thank you Beverly! It was a pleasure to write this post and let me tell you, it’s not me who narrates this video… It was definately a great piece of work to put the points together as he did. Thx again for stopping by!

  49. Alexander says:

    You are so right Maggie… Without someone starting a movement nothing is ever going to happen – no movement will ever come along, LOL! I love your link that leadership becomes better with time when we learn from our experiences and so patience is a great master. Wish you a great week ahead!

  50. Theuns says:

    Hi Paul

    This is just one good post.

    As they say”You cant follow a park Car.”
    So you need to start do something that people make to
    follow you , it don’t need to be to join a business
    it can also a good book that you wright or creating
    A Opus for the world from your Side but if you do not
    create follower’s that love what you do you will
    not accomplish a lot.

    I cant tell you how ontime was the free gift that
    you give out to your followers i will be forever
    grateful for that Thanx


  51. Beth Allen says:

    I love how much FUN you infused into this post! I was following your dance for sure! 😉 That video is great ~ it really is all about having a clear, strong and passionate message (your voice!) and then broadcasting the message consistently, and based on the value it provides, until you attract the like-minded people who will contribute to the strength of your voice as your message ripples out into the world. And yes, once you’ve done that, you need the necessary skills to inspire and direct your movement….that is actually where I think the line is drawn between dreamers and leaders.

    Thanks for sharing your leadership and inspiration, Alex! 🙂

  52. Loren Greig says:

    Hi Alexander:

    I’m fascinated by the qualities and posturing of leadership; the willingness to always be learning so we can turn around and teach it to others; making decisions and sticking to them; having commitment and focus; building others up on their strengths and willing to provide support when needed; being a great listener and inspiring others.

    Thanks for your insightful article!

  53. Hi Alexander:

    I love that video! What a great illustration. We need to find that first follower! 🙂


  54. Alexander,

    Great posting! I found this video over a year ago and have been following Derek Sivers ever since (hes the narrator). He’s been a speaker at the TED events and loves music.

    Anyhow, great posting and I like how you broke down the entire video into the steps needed, chunk by chunk.

    I really appreciate you sharing this kind of message. What people need to grasp is the need to not be afraid of standing out and helping others do the same.

    Thanks again!

  55. Hi Alexander ~ So true that to start anything on your own (become a leader) you have to first be willing to stand alone (at least for a little while), and perhaps even seem different than others that may be doing something similar, and standing by the sidelines and watching you for a short while. Not an easy task, yet it is incredibly rewarding when soon, someone who is like-minded, or seeking what you have to offer, decides to join you, inviting a few friends of theirs to come along too!

  56. Alex, this is a powerful and duplicatable post….
    I agree, with all the key points you have presented that a true leader should have and actions which should be done.

    You can not achieve great leadership, without people willing to follow you. So skills must be improved and shared. Edification is a motivational tool and should be utilize throughout your organization. Being transparent should be a factor that most overlook. Visualizing where you want to be is another key factor to accomplish daily. Just being passionate and loving what you chose to be, a real leader in our business. Have fun and just do it. Support all from your heart and it will show character that others will be attracted to. Building real relationships that last a lifetime. This will bond that trust needed to have a strong team.

    Alex, your a true leader in our industry and have stood the test of time. I appreciate your skills and ability to share them in away all may use.

    I look forward in your next updated post and know there will be real content that we can and will learn from.

  57. Alexander says:

    “Willing to follow” – I like that… Force to get people to do something what you want has no space in our industry. To be able to move people due to their own will that is the highest skill we have to develop as a marketer. And using the concept of tribes takes the burden a little off the shoulders when we provide the right communication channels and can communicate the goal where we want to lead… Thx for your input and I heard you starting to engage with the GFB team… Look forward to work soon closer together. All the best, Alex

  58. Shanae Branham says:

    Great advice about motivating followers! I will put it into action!

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