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Building a Sales Funnel – Do I really need a Funded Proposal?

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Many articles are written…

…and websites are created about how to build a sales funnel. If you take your time and research the Internet you will find tons of information how to do that. Even great videos are available for free on various video sharing websites with diagrams and presentations explaining the sales funnel concept. Having a sales funnel in place is like having your own automated sales agent working 24/7 for you, even when you sleep or when you are on vacation. You will also learn in your research the various marketing strategies currently used to start attracting people into your sales funnel.

Therefore building such an automated sales agent is a clever task to do for any online business activity. This can take time, but this time and sweat spent once can create sales and signups for years to come. As above mentioned numerous articles and websites are available showing you the steps of how to build such a system. But this article goes further and shall explain an additional concept you can implement into your sales process.

Having a sales funnel in place…

…lets you start filtering through your visitors to the ones who at the end will engage into the purchase process and a sale or signup will be recorded on your books. This filtering process means as well that not all visitors who will enter your list through squeeze pages will turn out as customers or signups in your business. When you follow the statistics only a small percentage will come to a purchase decision at the end of your sales funnel (to whom you will hopefully try to up sell as well) and hence a huge potential to make online revenue is gone… if no funded proposal is in place.



Let us have a look what a funded proposal can do for you.

A funded proposal can be a product, service or system which is beneficial for both the visitor and you. Hence I call it a win/win situation for both parties involved. A funded proposal is used for people who said NO to your ultimate product or business opportunity in the first place. With none converted visitors into customers or opportunity signups for your main purpose of the established sales funnel you run the risk to have to fund your main business or product still out of your own pocket. This in turn will lead that you have to work harder in your marketing efforts to lead more people to your landing page with the attempt to convert traffic into sales. But with funded proposals in place you will have the opportunity to capture and convert even the NO’s into profit.

How do you use funded proposals?

After people signed up to your main purpose list you will monitor their activities. If not the desired outcome was achieved, you have now the opportunity to remain in contact with these potential customers. From this point onwards your main focus shall be to offer your expertise, additional products, services and systems which can assist them in their current activities. But don’t forget to include always your main offer through which they joined your list initially. A visitor who once said NO to your main purpose can be in a total different circumstance after a certain period of time, which can result in a positive decision for your main goal of your sales funnel. And don’t forget any revenue coming in through a funded proposal can be taken to support your business opportunity or the cost of your product creation.

Now, do I need a funded proposal (or proposals) in my sales funnel?

The answer to this is a clearly and straight forward YES if you want to overcome the frustration by none converting visitors into signups or customers. In short a funded proposal is a vital part of any marketing strategy to boost your income and so your bank account.

Funded proposals can be found like stars in the sky or even produced on your own. Having now all the knowledge needed to implement this strategy I invite you to checkout one of the leading and most used proposal within Internet- and Network Marketing, which converted already 100.000’s of NO’s into raving customers/partners and signups for its owner. Find out which Funded Proposal this is Here…

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22 Responses so far.

  1. Steve Harlow says:

    Great job Alex. You have come a long way in your Article Marketing program. I know you are now seeing the benefits of it! Keep up the good work my friend.

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi Besma, thx for your insight. If you need any specific guidance how to execute the above let me know and I will have the right answers available.

  3. Eugene says:

    Loving the new look of the site Alex, love the articles you write, they so informative.

    I love opening my in box knowing I have been one of the first to get the advice and tips you give, I have signed up for some of your recommended products and they have helped me know end.

    Glad you share this stuff with people.

    Keep it up 🙂

  4. Eric Burnett says:

    Hey Alexander, I really enjoyed your article.. Funded proposal is the way to go if your trying to be successful on the internet. I couldn’t see myself building a online business without the funded proposal structure

  5. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Alex,

    A funded proposal makes a huge amount of sense when it comes to Internet Marketing.

    Systems like the one you use, provide outstanding education along with the tools to make the sales funnel work easily and at a fraction of the cost to set one up on one’s own.

    You have covered this important topic very well here. Well done.


  6. Maria Eves says:

    Justin you applied this information well.
    I don’t believe I could of come this far with my internet network marketing career without fully understanding the funded proposal concept. It is vital to long term stability online being the front end to your primary biz. From the Bonus at the top of the funnel then the training and support on the next level then the back end on the next level in your funnel then the primary biz in the funnel. Coming thru all these stages of the funnel when they get to the training and development people jump right over and go straight for a primary biz. Why? They don’t understand the concept let alone how to market.
    I’m glad you do and thankyou!

    Many Blessings

    Maria Eves

  7. Alex says:

    Hi Alex, I like this post. This is the first piece on funded proposals that I’ve read that suggests going a step beyond simply setting up the auto response emails by actually monitoring the users subsequent actions and then tailoring the content towards their intent.

    Great article!

  8. This was a new term for me. I think what you are talking about is passive income? I didn’t realize we could monitor our email list and see what activities they are engaging in. Thanks for mentioning this. Still have so much to learn!!!! (sigh)

  9. Alexander says:

    Hi Sherry! Thank you for your comment. A sales funnel itself does not create residual income… It is the aim (when in network marketing) to funnel prospects into this setup to give value and finally find people to work with… I hope you enjoyed this lesson and if you have more questions just post them here to discuss. Are you busy building a business online?

  10. Dena-Lynn says:

    Hi Alexander,

    Great education on what I think is important for an internet marketer to know – even if they don’t apply it. But, why wouldn’t they – right? In addition to the revenue benefit to you, the funded proposal puts you in a position to fulfill the varied needs of those who would be your best customers and/or business partners. 🙂


  11. Alexander says:

    Yes, why wouldn’t they? If they don’t implement then they leave money on the table (which other marketers will snap away with their funded proposals :)).
    Thx for your comment, Dena-Lynn!

    All the best,


  12. Yasser Khan says:

    Hi Alex!

    Funded proposals are definitely a must-have if you’re running your business full-time with no other income sources.

    I find it particularly ingenuous and extremely useful.
    The ability of offset and even contribute to your marketing budget is the thing I really live about it.

    Great writing!


  13. Andy Nathan says:

    This is great! I need to work on a few more funded proposals for my blog. It would definitely fill a few holes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Alexander says:

    Hi Yasser,

    Thx a lot for popping in here and share your experience.
    I find funded proposals extremly important and should be tought to all people who want to enter the network marketing arena.
    Nothing better to help a person to start making money right from the beginning with the right mindsetup to start building their marketing budget.
    How long do you use funded proposals already?

    All the best,


  15. Alexander says:

    Hi Andy,

    You are most welcome and it is a pleasure to have you here… Just a short note: if you need help with http://en.gravatar.com/ then let me know. Would love to see you branding yoursef. Look forward to hear back from you when you have your additional funded proposals setup. Have a great week ahead.


  16. Hi Alexander, funded proposals have certainly changed the way people market their business now. I also think it’s a great idea to develop your own product as soon as possible, so you can sell something that you own yourself. Have a terrific day or evening! regards from Julieanne

  17. Nice work Alex. This is some great information. Keep up the good work.

  18. Alexander says:

    A own product makes you feel as a full business owner (I can imagine). Having something out there what you created yourself (or managed to develop) bring a great satisfaction.Thx again for having your valuable input here on this site. Have an awesome week ahead! Alex

  19. Alexander says:

    Will do my friend, look forward to see you around here soon! Thx, Alex

  20. Angela says:

    I think this is one of the most important concepts you can understand when building a business online. It was something that I am glad I learned because it has completely helped me. Great post!

  21. Alexander says:

    Thx for giving this post another uplift, Angela. Yes, this is a very vital concept.

  22. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Alex,

    I’ve debated over time whether funded proposals are actually a good thing for most to do. I’m currently testing one system myself, as I believe it can be very beneficial, so long as you understand how to set it up and make it work properly.

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