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Creating A Blog Can Save You!

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To create a blog is a very useful task nowadays…

…because it is easy to post text, videos and photos (even from your mobile phone or the tablet). With a blog you can share your thoughts, views, ideas, interest and many other areas of your personal or professional life fast with the worldwide online community.

Blogs allow to communicate and promote your home business, boost interest in the products or services you have to offer and build traffic to your website(s). Once the decision to create a blog is made there are some aspects which need to be thought of before you start. So what is now important when creating a blog?

Most who are not yet accustomed with creating blogs don’t realize how easy and cost-effective it is. First you have to decide on the domain name to fit the topic of the information you want to add on your blog. It doesn’t make sense having a total unrelated domain name with the information you will provide. Domain names are one of the smallest yearly expenses of a blog.

Next step will be to decide if you want traffic to this site or if it is primarily built for friends and family to use as a way of communication. If traffic to the blog is requested the next decision must be made on using free blogs or self hosted solutions. Free blogs will never have the chance to attract as much traffic as self hosted blogs can produce.

The reason for this is that the core domain name will attract all the traffic first. So with all that decisions in place you are off to start creating your new project and it doesn’t cost you the world to start.

Blogging, a very vital task on your blog!

Blogging is the term of maintaining a regular log of fresh new content on your website, and also of providing interactivity. To add new fresh content (blogging) has definitely become one of the more popular options for people and major companies over the years to spread information and statuses in an instant.

You can see blogging as well as the modern-day equivalent to a pen pal, except once you’ve written your letter, you don’t have to find an envelope, lick a seal, or pay for a stamp. On the other hand in the business world blogging is an effective way to get connected with new potential clients as well as staying in contact with already acquired customers.

To keep your visitors on your site or even let them return to it, blogging will be one of the biggest challenges you have to master as soon as possible. Therefore regular fresh and interesting content with a perspective that is heartfelt and compelling will be the formula to win returning readers (discover these resources I use on a daily basis for content creation).

Let other people know you have something to say – Marketing

Marketing is the major part of any successful business. When handled properly, blog marketing can create more traffic for your home business by improving your site’s search rankings through the technique of search engine optimization (SEO) and the use of back links from other popular sites.

In order to be successful there are many secrets in blogging you have to learn, just as there are in any other forms of marketing. While it might sound like a daunting task, the simple reality is that blogging is one of the most cost-effective and even enjoyable marketing tools home-based business owners have at their disposal.

Blogs are the Future of Marketing for any business.

Final thoughts

Now to come back to the initial headline of this article “Creating A Blog Can Save You!” can be seen from various perspectives.

One of it I want to highlight is that creating a blog has the overwhelming power to start attracting people to the content you provide. When people like what they read and find it easily through their online searches you are able to get your word out, build relationships, being able to market products and services and at the end having even the possibility to monetize from your blogging activities.

This in turn if handled with the right mindset and technique can save you from quitting business opportunities and follow your goals, because you have figured out the dynamic of blogging. Even a lost job will not demolish your worldview because you learned a new skill from which you can create an income from.

Now with learning from me some aspects of blog importance you probably want to know exactly “How To Set Up A Blog” the most easiest way.

As mentioned above a BLOG is a must for any online Entrepreneur and Network Marketer nowadays to share your content in a central location, which allows you to brand yourself.

So without further ado the “1k System” has at it’s core a blogging platform available to you which can be branded to any needs.

No complicated setup, just a few clicks and you are ready to blog and link all your social media activities back to your blog. Therefore get started by clicking today the below “1k System” banner and you will be ready to go in minutes…

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22 Responses so far.

  1. Yo Le says:

    Hey Alex,

    This is a SHARP looking blog my friend! Very impressive indeed! Looking forward to being a regular visitor here.

    – Yo

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi Yo, thx for your comment. Much appreciated and I’m very honored that it comes from a leader like you.

  3. Alex you are cleared for takeoff, please climb to new heights with your blog with your experience we expect no turbulence.

    Keep it up my friend you have a wealth of knowledge that people really need to know.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Alexander, I agree with you and would add that a well maintained blog becomes the epicenter of any marketers arsenal. The blog is one of those rare tools that can capture folks at any point of the sales funnel-whether the user is at the beginning or end of their buying process.

    With that being said I’d like to ask you a question. As a networker what would you say is the best way to differentiate yourself through your blog?

    I ask because I have observed some networkers whose entire blog is about their primary business while I’ve seen some who rarely mention their opportunity. What has been your observation? Thanks!

  5. Marc Korn says:

    Hi Alex,

    This is great information..thanks for sharing.

    A blog certainly is a must have tool and should be the hub for all that you do. It is a very effective way to brand yourself and build relationships with readers that can become future collaborators or to further grow relationships with current business partners and customers.

    It is a great way to really express who you are and what your passion is.

    Many people are afraid to create a blog, but the truth is that anyone can do this and with a little practice, become very adept at it and certainly is a cost effective way to create an online presence.

    To your massive success,

  6. Alexander says:

    Hi Marc!

    Great to have you popping in here and leaving a comment.
    As you said a blog/website is a must for anyone who wants to build a reputation and business online.
    Do you have any additional tips you can share here for building a blog?

    Great to have you as a friend and leader!


  7. Alexander says:

    Hi Danny!

    Great that you like the content and there is more to come… 😉
    By the way go and signup with http://en.gravatar.com/ (a free service), so that your thumbnail photo can be displayed here and we have a face to the comment. If you need help with that let me know.

    All the best, Alex

  8. Alexander says:

    Hi! Thx for your brief comment and all starts with a first step… RECOGNIZING to learn something new. You are welcome to pop in from time to time to gain more insight. I see you direct your link straight into a product website. Do you have a blog setup where you can talk about the product/service you offer? And don’t forget you need to help people to find a solution to a problem and don’t just direct them to a product…

  9. Dave and Dawn Cook says:

    Hi Alexander,
    You are great in saying that blogging can generate whatever kind of success you are looking for if you are consistent and remain open to learning new skills everyday. There are so many opportunities in blogging.

    I like that you gave the definition of blogging – creating a regular log of fresh new content. Blogging involves being as consistent as possible with offering new and valuable content so you can grow and develop your relationship with your blog visitors.

    Your blog is showing that you are following your own words here. It looks great and contains valuable content that will bring visitors back for more.

    Dawn and (Dave)

  10. Alexander says:

    Hi Dawn and (Dave)!

    Thank you very much for popping over and leaving such encouriging words. With using a blog as you core presence on the Internet you are half way on the way to make things happen online. And to connect with a system you and Dave have in place makes up almost the other half of the equation. You guys did a great job with http://tsamastery.com and I see a very bright future for this community. Look forward to see you more often here in the comment area.

    All the best,


  11. Hi Alexander, blogs are an amazing type of website! And, if only those who use the “free Ones” knew of all the stuff they can do on a self-hosted one. Not only that, if they get the self-hosted blog, they will also have their own asset.

    Years ago, I started a nice blog about some products on the free wordpress platform. I was getting customers from my blog posts, had a lot of content on the blog, then I went there one day and it had vanished! And, I couldn’t get it back. When you host something yourself, you have full control over your business.

    I could go on about this forever, but I won’t:-) Great to meet you on your blog Alexander! bye for now, Julieanne

  12. Alexander says:

    Hi Julieanne, I never realy looked into the option to use/build a free website… not that I was aware of the facts that you described above (no control what can happen with the content) but more that you had only given templates and limited possibilities to change them. Then when I advanced into Internet Marketing, learned about building a nervecenter and how all works together, especially when it comes how to develop traffic to your content, it was a no-brainer to go and invest straight into my online presence with a self-hosted website.

  13. Andy Nathan says:


    I agree with you that it is great when you can start having content attract people to your life. When I blog I realize that I am attracting prospects, partners, and friends to my site who can share in my ideas and add their own. It is an awesome feeling to help any business move forward.


  14. Alexander says:

    Hi Andy!

    What do you think about my new blog layout? Have worked a little on it last weekend.
    Thx for your comment again as a returning reader and share your experience when blogging.
    Great work and look forward to return to your blog too!

    All the best, Alex

  15. Hi Alexander:

    I entered the world of blogging 3.5 years ago and I love it. It has opened up so many new avenues for connection and opportunities.

    I am continuing to learn more and I am looking forward to expanding my blog.


  16. Alexander says:

    WOW, you are a veteran in the blogging arena. Tell us, what was your biggest challenge with blogging and what made you get success in your activities keeping your blog fresh and updated? Thx already in advance for coming back here… Alex

  17. TK Goforth says:

    Hi, Alex! I am a “fairly” new blogger — less than a year. It’s a challenge to create something that you think someone would like to read, and keeps a person “sharp” as we improve our writing skills. I’m still working on it, but it’s been a great ride!

  18. Andy Nathan says:

    I was re-reading this post and just reminiscing about how much my life has changed because of blogging. It is definitely an amazing tool!

  19. Alexander says:

    Awesome and I apploud you that you take the challenge… the great thing as a blogger is that you can post every experience and bring it into shape and share with others. Just yesterday I listened to Ray Higden and what he said as a blogger is that everyday you experience something worth writting about, you just need to keep your eyes and ears open (and a pen handy to record)… I’m sure you can write about every student you have something generic, a teaching style you use, a certain way how to train the hands to play the piano and there must be much more… I’m sure with this few thoughts you will master a whole list of never ending topics to write about. Have Fun!

  20. Alexander says:

    Hey Buddy! Great to see you stopping by again… And thx for sharing that blogging changed your life! Look forward to catch up soon…

  21. Paul Beamon says:

    Hi Alexander,
    You’ve made some great points about having your own blog. There was a time, not so long ago, when I didn’t think much about blogs for business. However, I ‘m glad I finally took the plunge because my business is much better for it.

    The traffic that comes from a blog is wonderful in that it keeps on growing each week. One of the most important benefits of owning your own blog is that it’s your own piece of “internet real estate” that nobody can take from you. (so long as it’s self hosted).
    Therefore if an mlm company you’re promoting fails you’ve still got your blog, simply find a another reputable company and add them to your blog and bingo, you’ve already got visitors coming to your blog, therefore, you can start building your mlm again.

    Thanks for sharing these great insights


  22. Lynn Jones says:

    Hi Alexander,
    This is great information about blogging. Anyone who is thinking about blogging should read this to get the rundown about blogging. It may help them to decide if it is for them or not. It would have helped me a great deal if I’d read it before I started. I think it is wonderful to see how everyone is so unique in the way they express themselves through blogging.
    I appreciate your great post!

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